Learn the H2H Combat Self-Defense System and discover the...

Street Fighting Techniques used by the Military and Law Enforcement

Navy Seals, Army, Marines, Police Officers and Security professions use H2H Techniques to defend themselves in real life and death altercations.

These NO BS - Brutally effective COMBAT techniques are the ones that these people DEPEND upon on a daily basis.

Simple, Honest and Effective Approach to Real Self-Defense

The H2H Self Defense Manual is one of the most complete and structured self defense manuals and video series that gives you the necessary combat responses to execute in 95% of all combat situations. The H2H System has been used for decades by NAVY Seals, Soldiers, Police Officers, Security Professionals. Recently this manual and video series are now available to civilians.

How do we know the H2H System Works?

  • Used by the Military.
  • Used by Law Enforcement.
  • Used by Security Professionals

These guys don't need a B.S. martial arts style that teaches them useless combat techniques, then need real techniques - effective principles - simple to use - easy to remember.


7 Essential Jiu-Jitsu Techniques for Hand to Hand Combat

1st Technique: Crash to Elbow Strikes to Osoto Gari
2nd Technique: Jam to Knees to Quarter Nelson Takedown
3rd Technuque: Punch Defense to Crash to Ura Nage
4th Technique: Ear Slap to Eye Gouge
5th Technique: Face Smash Strike
6th Technique: Hold Down Position to Reverse Ude Garame (Kimura)
7th Technique: Guard Scissor Sweep
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