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Bajiquan literally "eight extremes fist" is a Chinese Martial ARt that features explosive, short range power and is famouse of its elbow strikes. It originated in Northern China {jumi /styles-right.php}{/jumi}

Bajiquan literally "eight extremes fist" is a Chinese Martial ARt that features explosive, short range power and is famouse of its elbow strikes. It originated in Northern China

Most Chinese Kung Fu styles have their own fighting forté. Bajiquan is generally used in short-distance combat. With this concept, Bajiquan pays much attention to elbow, knee, shoulder and hip strikes. When blocking an attack or nearing an opponent, Bajiquan techniques emphasize striking major points of vulnerability, the thorax (trunk of the body) and roots (legs and neck).

Footwork in Bajiquan is simple compromising of three special features: Zhen Jiao, Nian Bu and Chuang Bu. These striking techniques are closely related to ancient Chinese medicine, which states that all parts of the body are directly connected, either physically or spiritually.

The forms of Baji are divided into Fist (non-weapon) and Weapon forms. There are 20 fist forms. Some of these include: 12 Baji Small Structure Fists, Baji Black Tiger Fist, Baji Dan Zhai, Baji Dan Da/Dui Da, Baji Luo Han Gong, and Baji Si Lang Kuan. In Weapon forms, there areeight different kinds of weapons, including the very famous Liu He Da Qiang (spear), Liu He Hua Qiang (spear), Chun Yang Jian (sword), San Yin Dao (sabre), Xing Zhe Bang (staff), Pudao, and Chun Qiu Da Dao (long two-handed heavy blade, used by Generals sitting on their horses).

The major features of this school of Chinese martial arts include elbow strikes, arm/fist bashes, hip checks, and strikes with the shoulder. All techniques are executed with a very distinctive form of short power, developed through rigorous training; in Chinese martial arts, Baji is famous for its very violent and fast movements. Strategically, Baji focuses on in-fighting, entering from a longer range with Baji's distinctive charging step ("zhen jiao") and issuing power up close.

The essence of Bajiquan lies in jin, or power-issuing methods, particularly fajin (explosive power). The style contains a total of six types of jin, eight different ways to hit and several different principles of power usage. Unlike most western forms of martial arts which require swinging motion to create momentum, most of Bajiquan's moves utilize a one-hit push-strike method from very close range. The bulk of the damage is dealt through the momentary acceleration that travels up from the waist to the limb and further magnified by the charging step known as zhen jiao.

The mechanics of jin are developed through many years of practice and Bajiquan is known for its particularly strenuous lower-body training and its emphasis on the horse stance.[4] Its horse stance is higher than that of typical Long Fist styles. Like other styles, there is also "the arrow-bow stance", "the one-leg stance", "the empty stance" (xūbù 虚步), "the drop stance" (pūbù 仆步) , etc. There are eight different poses of hands, plus different types of breathing and zhen jiao.


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