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Learn how to eat and lift weights to get insanely strong and big for MMA, or to just look huge!
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Simple. Honest. Effective. Self-Defense Combat System
Learn the hand-to-hand combat techniques used by the Military, Police Officers, and Security Professionals.
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Learn the single best exercise you can do for gaining size and strength along with how to avoid the mistakes I made (Matt Bryers, owner of when it came to gaining size and buidling muscle.
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Learn real-life, no-holds-barred street fighting techniques that are designed to break, crush and maim your attackers.
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Learn the 5 most common mistakes made when trying to gain muscle, size and strength.

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Increase Strength and Muscle MassIncrease Your Strength and Muscle Mass
Learn how to eat and lift weights to get insanely strong and big for MMA, or to just look huge!
Kettlebell Get-Ups Image 1
Kettlebell Get-Ups Image 2

Kettlebell Get-Ups

View count: 71
Description: Core functional exercise using a KB. Weight ranges from 8kg to 24kg or higher depending on ability level. fastraininginc.

Double Kettlebell Get-ups Image 1
Double Kettlebell Get-ups Image 2

Double Kettlebell Get-ups

View count: 456
Description: Get ups done with 2/24kg kettlebells in one hand.

Kettle Bell Turkish Get-Ups Image 1
Kettle Bell Turkish Get-Ups Image 2

Kettle Bell Turkish Get-Ups

View count: 1651
Description: Great exercise to work the core and shoulder stability. 1 - Lay back holding kettle bell above the shoulder with the same leg bent. 2 - Sit upright with weig...

Kettlebell Getups Image 1
Kettlebell Getups Image 2

Kettlebell Getups

View count: 914
Description: 44 pound Kettlebell.

Full Body Kettlebell Workout with Turkish Get-Ups Image 1
Full Body Kettlebell Workout with Turkish Get-Ups Image 2

Full Body Kettlebell Workout with Turkish Get-Ups

View count: 3881
Description: Here is an incredibly effective Kettlebell workout that you can do at home. Unlike dumbbells, Kettlebells center of gravity extend beyond the hand giving you...

Monique 44lb, Stephanie 44lb, Chelsea 20lb. Kettlebell Get Ups Image 1
Monique 44lb, Stephanie 44lb, Chelsea 20lb. Kettlebell Get Ups Image 2

Monique 44lb, Stephanie 44lb, Chelsea 20lb. Kettlebell Get Ups

View count: 131
Description: This is my 20 year old daughter Chelsea Morris, doing her Kettlebell Get Up Training. This is only after about 2 weeks and she was already doing so well. By ...

Double kettlebell getups Image 1
Double kettlebell getups Image 2

Double kettlebell getups

View count: 32
Description: double kettelbell turkish getups.

MMA Inspired Kettlebell Rocking Chair Turkish Get-ups Image 1
MMA Inspired Kettlebell Rocking Chair Turkish Get-ups Image 2

MMA Inspired Kettlebell Rocking Chair Turkish Get-ups

View count: 531
Description: This video looks at some challenging Turkish Get-ups that are MMA inspired. They are called rocking chair get-ups and we start with bodyweight and then progr...

Kettlebell Getups at Nexus Fitness Image 1
Kettlebell Getups at Nexus Fitness Image 2

Kettlebell Getups at Nexus Fitness

View count: 47
Description: Kettlebell Getup demonstration at Nexus Fitness.

Kettlebell Half Get-Ups Image 1
Kettlebell Half Get-Ups Image 2

Kettlebell Half Get-Ups

View count: 188
Description: February 25th, 2013 Website: troliostrength The half get-up is basically just the first portion of a standard Turkish get-up. They are a great way...


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